We do the best we can, as a small business, to make the right choice in every stage of production. Here’s a lowdown on some of our efforts: 

Natural and long-lasting fabrics made from yarns produced according to strict environmental standards in the US and Europe.
Suppliers who share our commitment to responsible and ethical production. 
Reduce/use recycled materials that do not compromise on quality.
A permanent collection of wardrobe staples produced in small batches.
Buttery soft, luxurious styles that you will wear long after your bump and nursing days. 

Our Materials

Supima® Cotton: Supima is a rare, luxury cotton grown only in the USA, representing less than 1% of the world's cotton. What makes Supima superior is its extra-long staple fibre - regular cotton fibers measures 1 inch, while Supima cotton fibers are a whooping 1.5 inch. That half inch difference results in an indulgently soft fabric that is stronger, more resistant to pilling and will last for years to come. 

From tractor GPS navigation to satellite technology and soil monitors, Supima farmers use state-of-the-art agricultural technology to ensure they are growing the best quality cotton with as little impact as possible. Learn more here.

Lenzing™ Micromodal: Micromodal is a high-end fabric made in Austria. It is incredibly soft, we mean like 3x-softer-than-cotton soft. It is sustainably produced, static-resistant and ultra cozy. MicroModal is resistant to wrinkles, feels lightweight on your skin and will not lose its color after repeated washes. Since it is a natural material it is extremely breathable with a 50% higher absorbency rate compared to normal cotton, making it perfect for warm weather and heated workouts.

Micromodal is processed in closed loop production cycles so materials used are recycled and no hazards are released into the environment.  It is also fully biodegradable, so nature can return to nature. Learn more here

Our Signature Supima Cotton-Micromodal blend: To combine the best of both worlds, we blended the two natural fibres together for a luxurious look and luscious hand, that is durable, pilling-resistant and actually gets softer with every wash and wear. You will have to try it to believe it :)

Our Suppliers

We sought out the world's leading suppliers, not just for their outstanding product quality, but also for their commitment to responsible production.

All our suppliers are Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified i.e., every component in our garments have been independently tested to ensure they are free of harmful substances and are safe for skin contact and our health. 

Most of our suppliers are partially powered by renewable energy, and are certified against the Global Recycle Standard. This means they have been independently audited to ensure their commitment to social and labor ethics (e.g., fair wages, no bonded or child labour), and adherence to high environmental standards (e.g., using recycled materials and minimizing water and waste production). 

Fun fact: Our suppliers are the same ones that work with some of your favorite designer brands. 

Our Packaging

We believe that less is more.

To reduce waste, we decided to forgo elaborate packaging, garment tags and paper invoices. This means no more itchy clothing labels, or paper hang tags which - let's be honest - isn't all that necessary anyway. All the information you need to know about our products: care instructions and contents, etc. are printed on the garment itself and its protective packaging