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Maternity and Nursing Lingerie | Maternity Bras Singapore

Congratulations on the pregnancy, and welcome to this exciting new stage. There will come a time when your regular bras no longer fit and you start exploring your options for maternity and nursing bras. We’ve been there too. We’ve tried countless nursing bras and nothing quite cut it. Most nursing bras we tried were too bulky, itchy, made of synthetic fabrics and just plain uncomfortable. We were tired of compromising - so we designed a small and considered collection that would help women feel comfortable (and a touch sexy); nursing bras that look so good you’d be wearing them long after you’re done breastfeeding.

Designed with an obsessive attention to detail, fit-tested on breastfeeding mothers, and made from fabrics sourced from luxury suppliers and fabric mills, our maternity lingerie (pregnancy bra, breastfeeding bra) outperform across the board: better fit, softer feel, and a premium quality that lasts. 

Our Soft-Cup Nursing Bra offers easy pull-aside access, whereas our Luxe Nursing Bra clips down for full boob access.

All our nursing bras can be worn with wearable pumps - though this does depend on the specific brand of the pump. Our Luxe Nursing Bra would fit larger wearable pumps better as it has more coverage compared to our Soft-Cup Nursing Bra.

Need guidance on how to determine your nursing bra size? Check out our article on: How To Measure Your Bra Size

If you’re searching for the best nursing bra in Singapore, look no further than our collection of next-level soft and breathable nursing bras. We are a little biased, but they really are the most comfortable nursing bra you will ever wear.

And of course, who doesn’t love a matching set? Complete the set with our ultra comfortable maternity underwear designed to fit perfectly, pregnant or not. How's that for versatility? x

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