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The Best Nursing Tops (Singapore edition)

Read this before building your postpartum wardrobe
The Best Nursing Tops (Singapore edition)

Breastfeeding is not easy, even figuring out how to hold your baby while feeding can be a daunting task. Imagine how much harder it is once you’ve worked up the courage to actually leave the house. Newborns feed around the clock, so chances are you’ll need to breastfeed while out and about. Finding comfortable, breastfeeding-friendly clothes that allows you to quickly expose your bosom to feed your hungry baby is essential.

But first, let's first talk about clothes which are nursing-friendly but not the most FTM (First Time Mom)-friendly. 

Button up tops, for instance, can be annoying to work when your baby starts fussing and you need to feed them as quickly as possible. This sums up why:



A regular T-shirt won't work for most (first time moms especially) as you'd need one hand to pull up the shirt the whole time your baby is nursing so your shirt would not get in your baby's face - which is a juggle, even when you’re in the comfort of your own home, much less outside -  plus you'd be exposing your tummy in the process too. 

What to Consider When Investing in a Nursing Top

Comfort. First things first, comfort! Breastfeeding tops are supposed to make your life easier, not harder. So think about the fabrics when choosing - always go for soft, natural fabrics instead of synthetic fabrics that tend to trap heat and moisture (which is the last thing you need in the tropical heat).

Type of nursing access. The easiest kinds, tried and tested, are: 

  1. Nursing camisoles with nursing clips, like our Soft Ribbed Nursing Tank - this option typically come with a built-in bra so you have one less thing to worry about

  2. Stretchy neckline that pulls down for nursing, like our Daily Ribbed Tank

  3. Drop armhole tank tops (like this one from Adidas Singapore) - an oft-forgotten nursing option, drop armholes make it easy for you to whip your boob out through the armholes, but also ideal for everyday wear in Singapore's extreme heat. One obvious downside: you'd have to be okay with revealing your bra from the open armholes.

  4. T-shirts with an opening along the side - our favourites are from French brand Tagine Banane (we checked, they do deliver to Singapore!)

  5. A layer that opens up (like this T-shirt dress from H&M Singapore) - one downside is you will have to hold up the layer while feeding baby, which some may find annoying to deal with.

Colors. Leaks are common during the first weeks and months of breastfeeding. It's worth considering this when thinking about colours as you don’t want something which will show up milk stains too easily – darker colours might be better for hiding stains. You can consider switching up to lighter and brighter colours once your milk supply stabilises and leaks become much less frequent. 

How Many Nursing Tops do I Need?

At minimum, you'd want at least three nursing tops, so you’ve always got one to wear, one in the wash, and a spare one. That said, when you’ve got a newborn, it’s really difficult to keep on top of the laundry, and realistically, you’re going to end up with with milk stains and spit ups on you several times a day. With that in mind, we’d say make your life easier and invest in as many as nursing-friendly tops assuming that laundry is done once a week, or switch up your wardrobe with a few Nursing Dresses if you can.


About the author: Claire is a nursing bra specialist, designer and founder of maternity brand Embrace. She is a mother of two and has spent four years breastfeeding her babies. Understanding firsthand the unique needs (and woes) of breastfeeding mothers, Claire has made it her life's mission to help make mothers' breastfeeding journey a little more comfortable.