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No pumping bra? Try this hack!

Convert your nursing bra into a pumping bra with this hack
No pumping bra? Try this hack!

In my four years of breastfeeding + pumping, I have never bought a pumping bra.

I tried a friend's pumping bra but found it uncomfortable, and I really couldn't be bothered to take off my nursing bra and then put on my pumping bra for every single pumping session.

And then I found out about the pumping bra hack - which allows you to convert your regular nursing tank or nursing bra into a hands free pumping bra - and I never looked back. 

This is the simplest hack because all you need is a nursing bra or nursing top that come with nursing clips - our Luxe Nursing Bra, Soft Ribbed Nursing Tank and Nursing Dress will do the trick. And unlike some hacks which requires you to cut holes in your regular bra to convert it into a pumping bra, this hack will not result in any damage to your nursing bras.

Here's how :)

1. Unclip your nursing bra
2. Pull the inner sling across your breast towards the middle of your chest
3. Place the flange on your nipple and let go of the inner sling (the sling will hold the flange in place from the inside)
4. Wrap the outer fabric around the flange and clip it back on (this will hold the flange in place from the outside) 
5. If needed, tighten the bra straps for a more secure fit :)

You can also check out our video instructions here:



One caveat: exclusively pumping moms might be better off investing in a good pumping bra.

But if you're a combo breastfeeding + pumping mom (who pumps several times a week rather than 6x a day) like myself, I highly recommend trying this hack! 

Products worn in photos above:  The Nursing Dress (size S), Luxe Nursing Bra (size S) + nursing-friendly Daily Ribbed Tank (size XS)

About the author: Claire is a nursing bra specialist, designer and founder of maternity brand Embrace. She is a mother of two and has spent four years breastfeeding her babies. Understanding firsthand the unique needs (and woes) of breastfeeding mothers, Claire has made it her life's mission to help make mothers' breastfeeding journey a little more comfortable.