We create second-skin essentials for all stages. Simple, comfortable and (a touch) sexy. Grounded in subtle detail + fabrics from the finest manufacturers.

Hi! I am Claire, the founder of Embrace

When I started breastfeeding years ago, I found most nursing bras/tops bulky, itchy, compressive and generally not cute.

I asked around and found too many of us who felt the same way; who settled for the average nursing bra simply because they could not find a better option.

My goal is to fill that gap. I knew as the sole decision maker of a small, self-funded brand starting fresh, that I could do things the right way.

So I spent the next two years surveying and fit-testing on nursing mothers, sourcing the finest materials and suppliers, and obsessing over creating the perfect nursing essentials.

Today, I am proud to say to deliver on quality and comfort as a Singaporean brand.

I hope our pieces bring some comfort to you when you need it the most.

Thank you for being here and supporting our small business.

Some key principles that guide our design and production process:

1. A garment is only as good as the fabric it is made from. We knew never to compromise on fabric quality, and how important it was to find high quality fabrics that are soft, natural and long-lasting. We couldn’t find fabrics that met our high standards, so we developed our own, made of the finest yarns in the world: US Supima Cotton and Austrian Micromodal. Our dreamy fabrics are one of a kind. You won't find the same fabrics anywhere else in the world.

2. Less is more. We create comfortable, functional essentials with an overall luxury feel. That means stripping away the inessentials - e.g., lace, underwire, push-up pads - and keeping only the elements that support and empower you to feel comfortable in your skin.

3. Detail is everything. We obsess over every single component, from our plush shoulder straps and underband elastic to the nursing clips and removable pads. That means going through hundreds of options to handpick the best quality components to go into our garments. Every little detail matters - you can see and feel the difference when you wear our pieces.

4. Longevity is sustainability. We've designed every piece to be long-lasting and multi-tasking, made not only for maternity or nursing but for any life stage really. Our hope is that you'd wear our pieces long after baby arrives. The longer you wear a garment, the easier it is on your wallet and our planet.

5. Brand tags stitched to the bra band/fabric are irritating and uncomfortable. So I designed all our garments tag-free. Our brand, sizing and care instructions are printed directly on the garment.

6. It's our responsibility to take care of our planet and our people. Sustainability is a core part of our identity. It is important to us to make the right choice in every stage of production. Our packaging are either compostable / made of recycled materials. We use only natural, low-impact fabrics and require all our factories to be independently audited to ensure workers are paid living wages and there are effective environmental and safety management system in place, amongst other things.

Embrace is designed to be luxurious, minimal and to feel like second skin. Here's to feeling amazing no matter your stage - pregnant, nursing or not.